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STudio Set-Up

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I have a fairly large collection of drums, snare drums & cymbals. When I'm in the studio I use different configurations of drum sizes, shell materials and cymbals depending on the needs of the music. I work together with the producer and the artist to get the sounds that the music calls for. This is my "go to" drum set for recording and video.

Mike Vanderhule - Studio Set-Up.jpg


   1. 15” A New Beat Hi-Hats

   2. 18” A Custom Crash

   3. 6” A Splash

   4. 18" K Custom Hybrid Crash

   5. 8” K Splash

   6. 10” K Splash

   7. 22” A Ping, 22" A Medium or

       22" K Custom Ride

   8. 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash

   9. 14' A New Beat remote Hi-Hats

   10. 19" K Custom Dark China

   11.  19” A Custom Crash


     1983 Recording Custom in

      Hot Red Lacquer Finish

  A. 7x14 Matching Snare

  B. 8x8 Tom Tom

  C. 8x10 Tom Tom

  D. 8x12 Tom Tom
  E. 14x14 Floor Tom w/Legs
  F. 16x16 Floor Tom w/Legs

  G. 16x18 Floor Tom w/Legs

  H.  14x22 Bass  Drum

Yamaha (model #)

   Various. It can change depending on

   the set-up

 Yamaha (DFP-9C) or (DFP-9500C) Chain

   Drive Double-Bass Drum Pedals           


    Snare: Coated Ambassador on top
    Ambassador Snare on bottom
    Toms: Ambassadors on tops   
    Ebony Ambassadors on bottoms
​    Bass Drum: Clear Ambassador on

    batter side, logo head on front

    with vent hole 
    (Bass drum padded with rolled up  ​

    towel​​ taped to batter head, a

    technique made popular by Simon 

    Phillips, with a smaller one taped to

    the front head)


     Vic Firth Drumsticks

     Ultimate Ear In-Ear Monitors

     Cympad Cymbal Washers

     LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell


   Bass Drum - Shure Beta 52

   Snare - Shure SM57 top,

                 Shure SM58 bottom

   Rack Toms - Yamaha MZ205be

   Floor Toms - Yamaha MZ204

   18" Floor Tom - AKG D112

   Hi-Hat - Beyer Dynamic 420N(C)

   Overheads & Ride AKG C430


   Room mics Studio Projects C1 (first




DAW - Pro Tools

Preamps - Presonus & Focusrite

Video - Zoom Q2n Video Recorders

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