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Other Services

Teaching Pro Tools & Recording

I learned how to record back in the days of analog and I've been very fortunate to work with some great engineers and producers along the way, learning from their techniques and tricks, watching them get the great sounds. I also learned what not to do from the cats who weren’t getting the great sounds.

I first learned ProTools in 1999 when I got my first DIGI  001, I've been using ProTools for all of my sessions ever since and I’m very fluent on it.

With low budgets, and especially now during the pandemic, recording yourself has become a must for the survival of a musician. No matter what instrument you play, or if you're a singer, you have to know how to engineer, edit and get good sounding tracks, as well as setting up and working with the tracks that were given to you to record with. Even with the help of the Internet,  just jumping in and learning how can be quite overwhelming.

I’m very patient and can help to guide you step-by-step on topics like:

  • How to receive tracks from clients

  • Micing your instrument or voice

  • Recording your instrument or voice

  • Editing

  • Mixing a reference track for the client 

  • Bouncing down & converting your audio

  • Delivering high-quality professional tracks

For pricing and to schedule learning sessions, contact Mike at

Professional Music Advice & Guidance

No matter what instrument you play, or if you’re a singer, and no matter what level you’re at, I can mentor you, giving you advice on many subjects like: 

  • What to practice

  • How to make best use of your practice time

  • What to listen to and learn from to reach your goals

  • What gear to get

  • Caring for and maintaing your instrument or voice

  • Playing with other musicians and what to listen to in a group

  • How long until you're "good enough" to play gigs

  • Learning to sing no matter what instrument you play

Advanced musicians and singers, need some advice? I've been playing professionall, making my living from music, since I was 17 years old. I am happy to pass along knowledge from my many years of professional experience on subjects like:

  • What path to take to “break into the business“

  • Networking

  • Your attitude

  • Preparing for an audition preparing for a gig

  • Making youself more valuable 

  • What it’s like on the road

  • How to prepare for a tour 

  • Managing your business end 

  • How to be a good band member in a democracy

  • How to be a good side man/employee in a band

  • Getting endorsements 


For pricing and to schedule a consultation, contact Mike at

Pick My Brain

This is open to anyone, it’s your opportunity to pick my brain any subject as long as it pertains to:


  • Music

  • Drums & Drumming

  • Performing

  • Playing in the studio

  • Y&T

  • Bands/Artists that I play or that I've played with

  • Life on the road

  • How to achieve your goals both in your career and in your life

  • or Cocktails (I may even teach you how to make my famous Vanhatten)

For pricing and to schedule a chat, contact Mike at

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