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Drum Tracks

Drum Tracks Online
Now you can hire Mike to play on your project from anywhere
in the world, all via the internet.

In his studio, Mike has used his years of recording experience as a drummer as well as years of producing and mixing, to assemble a collection of top notch microphones and pre-amps all plugged into his Pro Tools to get state of the art drum sounds without the cost of a studio, an engineer, travel, cartage, etc.

Now you can have real drums with real feel and personality at an affordable price, you don't have to use samples and loops.

​Mike can also mix and/or produce your project as well as get other top notch musicians to play on it. So even if you are a songwriter without a band or vocalist, Mike can help bring your project to life.

How It Works

​​​1) Email - Send your song or project to Mike in mp3 format via email, it can be in anything from someone singing with a guitar to a full on multi-track production where you want me to add or replace drums. Try your best to describe what you are going for, include details, like a particular artist, band or drummer's style you may be hearing, a style of groove you feel, where you may want breaks or fills, dynamic changes, things like that, as well as things you don't want. Let me know your budget, I will try to work with you at any level. Email Mike at

2) Follow-Up -  Remember to include your email and phone number, after Mike reviews your material, he will contact you and let you know if he feels he can contribute to your project, If so, he will quote you a price and go over the music in detail with you either in email or over the phone before playing on it.

3) 50% Payment Upfront - Once a price has been agreed upon, you will then pay 50% upfront before getting started. Payments will be made via PayPal or Venmo.​

To learn more, go to​ or


4) Upload Your Tracks - You will then upload your tracks via any file transfer service for Mike to play to. Files can be .WAV, .AIFF or mp3. If there is a scratch drum track, it would be helpful to include both a version with it and without. Please include the click track (if used) and the tempo information.


5) Email Rough Mix - After playing on your tracks, Mike will send you a rough mix mp3 of his performance with your tracks for your review, if needed, you can then suggest changes you'd like to hear. Mike will give you the changes you need until you are happy, within reason, this should not take more than a 2 or 3 takes.


6) Send The Drum Tracks - Upon final approval, you will then send the remaining 50% of the payment. After receiving full payment, Mike will send you all of the separate drum track files for mixing.

To submit your material, ask questions or inquire about Mike producing or mixing your project, email him at

Sessions In Person

Mike is available to do sessions for artists and producers in person, anywhere. To hire Mike and work out the details, email him at

​Quotes from Engineers, Producers, Band Members and Clients

"I recently was working on some new songs and I wanted a new perspective on the drum parts and so I called up Mike and asked him if he would consider doing drum tracks. I realize that it would be nice to have somebody else play the groove on a couple of these songs just cause I wasn’t happy with what I was doing myself. So I sent the tracks to Mike on a ProTools session and within a couple of hours he had surpassed what I had tried to play on them and I love the different groove and perspective he had. It’s was perfect and easy.  He also played multiple percussion tracks. His sound was amazing. His groove and pocket were perfect and I use them on the songs."

-Kelly Keagy

Drummer/Singer/Songwriter (Night Ranger)

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