Recording quotes

Quotes from Engineers, Producers, Band Members and Clients

​​"I have had the pleasure of working with Mike live and in the studio for the past 6 years.  His understanding of both groove and drum sounds is amazing...It makes my job a lot easier.  He is my "go to" drummer."​​

​​Tom Size ​FOH, Recording Engineer/Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer Aerosmith, Journey, Mr Big, Starship, Gregg Rolie, Y&T)

​​"Michael Vanderhule is my go to guy in the Bay Area for drums.  A consummate pro, well versed in all styles, great with artists, pounds the drums  and all around joy to work with ."​

​​​Michael Rosen ​Producer/Engineer/ Studio Owner​ (Tesla, Papa Roach, Santana, Rancid)

​​"Mike Vanderhule is most likely the finest drummer I've played with in my career, for his consistent grooves and powerful, reliable performances. With Mike's experience and talent, you can not only be certain you get a great backing track, but one that is crafted perfectly to accent the best for the song. And if a click track is desired, he plays through it with a very natural feel, which in my experience is not an easy task to achieve. Not to mention that he's a great hang. It's been a pleasure to play with him the last many years."

​​Dave Meniketti Legendary Y&T Front Man, Singer and Guitarist​

​​"I own Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California, besides being a recording artist.  When I have used Mike for sessions, which is quite often, I am always impressed with the precision and attention to detail he brings.  He is a scholar of all styles and plays them like he means it.  No wimpy not sure what's gonna work with Mike.  He gets on it, plays like he known the song for months and scrutinizes his performance until it meets his very high standard.  He is also keenly aware of the kind of drum sound that will fit a song.  I've used him on sessions from Latin to hard rock.  Progressive, jazz and pop.  Always, and I mean always - a true pro.​"​​

​​Robert Berry ​Owner Soundtek Studios in Campbell, CA ​​​​

​(ELP, Sammy Hagar, Ambrosia, Greg Khinn)

​​"As someone with 30+ years of experience in the music industry, I have many choices of who I can could call for drum tracks. Mike Vanderhule is always my first call because he's not only a solid drummer, he's a solid individual. Mike is a total pro with a great work ethic. His feel is extraordinary and he elevates whatever track he plays on.  His recordings are always high quality and he works efficiently with short turnaround times. He is constructive and he just helps to make things better. Mike also takes feedback and direction really well when its necessary, but he often just delivers a great performance on the first take.  His attitude is superb, he is a supportive guy and has been a very positive addition to any project we've ever done with him. Simply stated - Mike rocks!"

​​Brian Thomas Poirier ​(Entertainer, Producer​​​)

​​"41POINT9 hired Mike  for two songs off the new album “Mr. Astute Trousers.”  These songs required subtlety, accuracy and finesse.  Mike delivered and even exceeded on all points.  The drums sounded fantastic and I barely had to do any EQ or compression.  The tracks literally were ready to go “right out of the box”  I cannot recommend his services highly enough.​"

​​Bob Madsen ​(41POINT9​​​)