Seven Reasons "Rae (In My Head)" Modern Rock

Seven Reasons "I Become" Modern Rock

Seven Reasons "Alone Like This" Modern Rock


On these tracks Mike is the

Y&T "I'm Coning Home" Rock

Y&T "Shine On" Rock

Y&T "Blind Patriot" Rock

SoulMotor - "Guardian Angel" Rock

SoulMotor - "Down In Mexico" Industrial Rock

SoulMotor - "Supermodel" Rock

Jeff Scott Soto - "Bonafide" Pop/Rock Ballad

Michael Lee Firkins - "Saturday Night" ​Country/Bluegrass

Michael Lee Firkins - "I Witness" Country/Rock/Bluegrass

December People - "Santa Claus/Coming To Town" Rock

(ala ZZ Top)

December People - "Deck The Halls" Rock

(ala Rush)

Jesse Colin Young - "Darkness Darkness" Folk/Rock

(Remake of his Classic Hit)

Kevin Russell - "Help Me" Acoustic Blues

Kevin Russell - "Leave You Alone" R&B Blues

Ed Schide - "Firm Hold On Last" Country Rock

Ed Schide - "Hazel Eyes" Country Rock

Maxx Cabello Jr. - "Where You Are" Soul/Blues

Steve Vatimo - "Jam" Fussion/Jazz

(featuring Solo by Greg Howe)

Andrew Keane - "Kid's Stuff" Funk/R&B

Brutal Legend - "11 O'clock Is A Direction" Metal

(Soundtrack for the Video Game Starring  Jack Black)

Jackie Greene - "Closer" Folk/Rock

Shelly Streeter - "I Wanna Rock" Country

Melisa Kary - "So Afraid (Of Love)" R&B

Melisa Kary - "Tell Me" R&B

Melisa Kary - "Wake Up" Pop R&B

Lenny Smith - "Last Chance" Blues

Lenny Smith - "Louisiana Mojo Man" Blues

Lenny Smith - "Movin' Too Fast" Blues Shuffle

Lisa Battle - "One Of These Days" R&B/Soul

Lisa Battle - "When The Memories Fade" R&B/Soul

Lisa Battle - "Rain" R&B Ballad

Mighty Messenger - "Bumper To Bumper" R&B

Mighty Messenger - "Storm Warning" R&B

(Drum Programming)

Mark Gelfand "Happy People" Smooth Jazz

Mark Gelfand "Yazzasize" Smooth Jazz/R&B

Mark Gelfand "Foreign Experience" Jazz/Latin

 (*with ​​light drum solo)

Mark Gelfand "Elizabeth" Smooth Jazz

Jon Heath - "Casanova" Pop Country/Rock

Jon Heath - "If I Could" Pop Country/Rock

Jon Heath - "That's Where My Love" Rock & Roll

Michael Cosyn - "Rivers Run Dry" Rock

Michael Cosyn - "Rescue Me" Rock

Mannary - "If I Were Dead" Alternative

"Never Alone"​- written by Meryn Gruhn Di Tullio

 (demo shopped for Disney Movie)

Nikita Jermane - "Blood Rushin' Through" R&B

On these tracks Mike is the

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Jazz Kit Demo (very quick Recording to demo miking

of kit to client, better one coming soon)

Drummer, Engineer & Producer


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