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     Absolute Maple Hybrid (Red  

     Autumn) in North America,

     Birch Custom Absolute

     (Embossed Silver) in Europe/UK
  A) 7x14 Custom Made Birch or 5.5x14 

      Recording Custom Stainless Steel 

     (RLS1455) Snare Drum
  B) 9x12 Tom Tom (mounted to

      cymbal stand)
  C) 13x14 Floor Tom w/Legs

      (Maple) 14x14 (Birch)
  D) 15x16 Floor Tom w/Legs

      (Maple) 16x16 (Birch)
  E)  16x24 Bass  Drum

    1) 10” A Zildjian Flash Splash
    2) 15” A Zildjian
New Beat Hi-Hats
    3) 19” A Custom Projection Crash
    4) 22” A Zildjian Ping Ride
    5) 20” A Custom Projection Crash
    6) 21”
A Custom 20th Anniversary

        Ride (used as Crash/Ride)
    7) 19” A Zildjian Ultra Hammered


Yamaha (model #)
    6 Straight/Boom Cymbal Stands
        (CS 865)
    1 Hi-Hat Stand (HS 1200)
    1 Snare Stand (SS 950)
    1 Tom Mount Arm (CL 945B)
       w/Multi Clamp (CSAT 924A) to

       mount 12” tom to cym stand

    1 Stool (DS 840)

    2 DW 5000 Chain Drive Double-

       Bass Drum Pedals

       (one for back-up)

     Snare: Coated Ambassador on top
Ambassador Snare on bottom
     Toms: Clear Ambassadors on tops   
                Clear Ambassadors on bottoms
     Bass Drum: Clear Ambassador on       
                batter side, logo head on front
                with vent hole 
                (Bass drum padded with rolled up  ​

                towel​​ taped to batter head, a

                technique made popular by Simon 

                Phillips, with a smaller one taped to

                the front head)


     Porter & Davies BC Gigster drum throne

     (sub woofer in stool)

     Ultimate Ear In-Ear Monitors

     Cympad Cymbal Washers

     LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

     Kelly SHU Microphone Shockmount System

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